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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Our Services


We are a local leading provider of
Professional Human Resource Management Services

Staff Outsourcing

Outsourcing denotes the continuous procurement of services from a third party, making use of highly integrated processes, organisations models and information systems. The essence of outsourcing is to provide services that are scalable, secure and efficient whiles improving overall service and reducing cost. Outsourced contracts are provided on the merit of pre-agreed milestones within agreed periods. Such outsource-able staff and services include the following:

  • Forklift Operators
  • Lubes Loaders
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Bitumen Plant Operators
  • Chef
  • Cooks
  • HSEQ Assistant
  • Treasury Officer
  • Account Analyst
  • Purchasing Assistant
  • IT and Technical Personnel Graduate Trainees
  • Marketing Officers
  • Bank Tellers
  • Customer Service Officers
  • Security Officers
  • Executive / Haulage Drivers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Cleaners / Laborers/ Gardeners


At The Capital Group limited, our primary goals of recruitment –finding the right people who match the job as well as the organization both technically and attitudinally. The concern is to help our clients achieve tangible benefits in the areas of cost savings, shorter turnaround time, as well as increase the level of service performance. We are proud to be a part of your great success. We take great pleasure in proposing our recruitment services to your company. In addition, we also render Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.

Our recruitment capabilities include support in the following areas:

  • Recruitment Advertising (Print/Electronic/Internet)
  • Candidate Sourcing and Recruiting
  • Resume Screening As Per Client's Requirements
  • Creation and Administration of Assessments
  • Candidate Interviewing
  • On-site Interview Coordination
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Background Checks
  • Employment Offer Management
  • Staff Profiling
  • Managing Orientation Session
  • Statistical Reporting


The L & D department, which is one of the company’s service providers
in quality human capital development,
offers cutting edge training programmes in a wide variety of courses

Our Approach

The Capital Group Limited adopts a 5-Step Approach to create holistic training programmes. The 5-Step approach ensures that our training services are not just incidental but goes a long way to deepen the existing and potential relationship with our clients. Through our five-step approach we are able to deliver total quality training services, making sure the peculiar training challenges of our clients are addressed. We call it a win-win relationship where a lot of premium is placed on the successes of our clients.

Public & In-house Trainings

We offer Public training courses which are available to employees from different organizations. These trainings allow participants with similar objectives to network with peers from different industries. In addition, we provide customized training that is individually tailored to the needs of our client’s company.

Training Needs Assessment

The purpose of a training needs assessment is to analyze and identify performance requirements and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by the workforce to achieve the requirements. An effective training needs assessment will help direct resources to areas of greatest demand. At The Capital Group Limited, we can work with organizations to assess their training needs using the best methods and techniques available in the industry

Our Training Tracks

  • Accounting | Finance
  • Banking | Insurance
  • Commercial
  • HR
  • IT | ITES
  • Marketing | Sales
  • NGO | Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality | Process
  • Soft Skills
  • Others


Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions

The Harrison Assessment is an online talent management application that enables companies to hire, develop and retain top performing employees. It automates the entire talent management process (recruitment, development and retention), thus enabling the company to save up to 80% of administration time which can be utilized in the concentration of efforts towards the development of critical aspects of the company’s operations such as the development of the company’s brand and competitive urge.

Unlike other personality assessment types that measure a few success factors and focus on measuring an individual’s motivation for the job attitudes, Harrison Assessment goes a step further my determining and measuring the assesse’s interests, work preferences and values as well as the interpersonal skills and competencies necessary to succeed in the field of work. It also measures 156 traits and competencies in just a click of a button


Harrison Assessment combines both eligibility and suitability factors in assessing and determining the best candidate(s) for any given position.

  • Eligibility Factors
  • Suitability Factors
The eligibility factors assess the individual’s certifications, specific job skills, educational levels and achievements, specific types of experience, and specific amounts of the said experience.

The suitability factors assesses the individual’s motivations for the job, attitudes, interests, work preferences and values, interpersonal skills, and as to whether the individual is fit with the supervisor. All the above factors encapsulates in what is referred to as the Job Success Formula- a comprehensive set of assessment criteria and assessment methodology/technology designed to measure the likelihood of an individual’s success for a specific job.


  • The Smart Questionnaire collects more information, produces greater insights and takes less time to complete than typical questionnaires.
  • The Paradox Technology provides significant greater predictive insights into candidates and employees’ behaviors than most typical assessments
  • The Enjoyment-Performance Methodology ensures employee work satisfaction, performance and retention.
  • The Job Success Formulas makes it easier to select, interview and hire the best people the first time.


Recruitment Reports
  • Job Success Analysis- compares a person to the behavioral requirements of a particular job or position.
  • Interview Guide- a worksheet with behavioral-based interviewing techniques.
  • Summary and Keywords- a summary and key word description of the individual’s job-related behavior.
  • How to attract this Candidate- identifies key leverage points for the candidate that will help to convince the candidate to work for you.
Development Reports
  • Traits and Definitions Report- an individual's scores on all the primary traits listed in order of the highest score and optionally highlights the traits related to the job.
  • Development for Position- A development plan for each of two traits that would most improve performance for a specific person related to a specific job.
  • How to Manage, Develop and Retain- Key points to effectively manage, develop and retain selected employee.
  • Paradox Graph and Narrative- Analysis of paradoxical behaviours (optionally highlights traits related to a job).
  • Main Graphs and Narrative- Overview of traits relationships. Requires expert training to Interpret (optionally highlights traits related to a job).
  • Development by Trait- provides training recommendations related to attitudes, tendencies and behaviors.
  • Group Screening Report- contains a table that shows multiple profiles to a specific template.
Team Assessment Reports
  • Group Screening Report- compares a group of people to the behavioral requirements of a job.
  • Team Paradox Graph- a graph showing a group of people plotted against each of the twelve paradoxes.
  • Team Main Graph- a graphical overview of the relationship between traits for a group of people (requires accreditation training).
  • Engagement and Retention Analysis- analyzes how to increase engagement through understanding employee expectations and related organizational behaviors.


At The Capital Group Limited, our team of dynamic, creative and dedicated professionals have pushed all areas of event management to new frontiers whether it is Brand Activation, Corporate Events, Exhibitions or Seminars.

The urge to deliver more than the client’s expectations has always been our top priority. We offer cutting-edge event management services in the following areas:

  • International Workshops
  • Public Education Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Annual People Challenge Summit (HR & IR Conference)
  • Maintenance Engineering

We believe that there is no better business referral that that given by a satisfied client. For this reason, we priorities the needs and expectations of our clients and ensure that we exceed their expectations.



The Capital Group Limited offers a range of Industrial Relations consultancy services that ensures a grievance-free work environment geared towards the continuous improvement in efficiency and productivity.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Employee Relational Management
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Redundancies
  • Mediation, Facilitation, Dispute Resolution and Workplace Negotiations
  • Grievance Handling
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Strategic Planning, Development and Review of Personnel Policies and Procedures

Our Industrial Relations services will help you to position your business in:

  • Developing and negotiating Collective Workplace Agreements and individual contracts agreements
  • Drafting and implementing a wide range of company personal policies and procedures
  • Developing and negotiating of agreements and effective handling of grievances


At The Capital Group Limited, Our E-Learning services provides our clients with holistic and quality teaching, scholastic and training materials by deploying the power of technology so as to overcome the limitations of time, distance and resources in learning and training



Customized multimedia rich and engaging E-Learning content for internet (i.e. web-based) and offline (CD/DVD- based) delivery.


Create educative and entertaining materials to engage the learners effectively and deliver the content to learners by making learning fun.


Create academic, training-based learning content compatible with a variety of mobile devices.


Our content rich webinars are designed to provide our audience with live online educational opportunity during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.


Our Facility Management Services provides our clients with quality catering, Laundering and General maintenance services. The Capital Group put measures in place to overcome management of available resources.



Check out our carefully crafted products and let us exceed your expectations.


Feel free to contact us and find out more about our services.

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